Hotel Seespitz **** Superior Ischgl
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In gourmet hotel Seespitz your skiing holiday will be a delight for all the senses.



The Seespitz in Ischgl – an exclusive 4 star hotel with style.



Sophisticated circuitousness, classic design – our wellness zone is sure to impress you.

Wellbeing hotel all along the line: our massage offer

Gentle and soothing, stimulating and invigorating: A professional massage revives body and soul. Choose from our extensive range:

Classic massage

The classic massage is the best-known and most widely used massage technique in the Western world. As a classic naturopathic treatment, its area of application ranges from providing a generally relaxing effect to the specific treatment of many physical ailments.

45 minutes   € 65,-

Lymphatic Drainage

The connective tissue massage is a manual treatment which stimulates the subcutaneous tissue, during which the internal organs are manipulated by means of reflection. A special stroke technique applied on the Head‘s zones and zones according to McKenzie results in a positive, functional ef fec t o n the organs.

45 minutes   € 65,-

Foot reflexology

The reflex zones on the feet represent the entire body with all its organs and body parts - comparable to a map. Reflexzones project internal organs on the body surface..

45 minutes   € 65,-

Connective Tissue massage

We start with a soothing, pleasant honey massage to dissipate the metabolic slags and toxins from the conjunctive tissue. This is followed by a gentle massage, using a unique massage oil made from St. John‘s wort, Edelweiss- and jojoba oil to truly pamper you with the finest we have.

45 minutes   € 65,-


The classic physiotherapy uses targeted physical stimuli, such as mechanical pressure, movement or heat, to achieve the desired effect on the human organism. The aim of the treatment is to avoid dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system.

45 minutes   € 73,-

Sport massage

As part of the sport massage, classic massage techniques are used, along with additional techniques, that keep the joints mobile. Cramps can be treated with stretching techniques.

45 minutes   € 65,-

„Mountain Air“ Massage - Take a deep breath.

The „Mountain Air“ Massage concentrates on treating the Head - Face - Arms and Hands of the client to reduce/fight stress. Targeted to treat light headaches and help reduce overstimulation of the nervous system the treatment consists of a combination of various masssage techniques such as Classic massage, connective tissue massage and Lymph drainage. For this treatment we use 100 % pure natural Edelweiss Massage Oil.

45 minutes   € 68,-

„Mountain Sun“ Massage - Pleasant warmth.

Intense deep muscle massage with warm massage oil that targets also the deeper body structures. This treatment focuses mainly on the back and surrounding muscles (Legs - Glutes, Back - Neck). Finally, cupping glasses are used to promote circulation and accelerate recovery.

45 minutes   € 68,-

„Alpin“ Massage - Recovery for tired legs.

The Alpine massage consists of a combination of foot and leg massages, including the associated foot reflex zones to promote relaxation. The treatment stimulates the recovery of tired skier‘s legs and concludes with the application of a revitalising lotion.

45 minutes   € 68,-

„Detoxing“ Massage - Detoxifying and purifying.

This treatment begins with a soft silk glove exfoliation, using various connective tissue massage techniques. The resulting relaxation stimulates a benefical detoxifying and purifying effect. Increased circulation promotes rejuvenation and tension throughout the skin.

45 minutes   € 68,-

„Hot Stone“ Massage - The magic of basalt stones.

A century old massage technique using special oils and heated Basalt stones. Designed to bring the organism into balance, soften stiff structures and relax the body and the soul.

45 minutes   € 68,-

Want to know more about our exclusive massage offer? The give us a call on +43 (0)5444 5214 or mail us. We’ll be happy to inform you.